Young Leaders

What is Young Leaders?

Young Leaders is the last stage in a young adults' scouting adventure. Starting from the age of 14 1/2yrs, Young Leaders allows young adults to explore a variety of different activities and experiences at a more advanced level than any other scouting section.

How 1st Hayes Young Leaders operate.

1st Hayes run Young Leaders in the image of moulding young adults into leaders, providing then with different training and key skill learning to be able to manage young people at the various different sections.

Young Leaders are obliged to undertake an extensive training course, undertaken over one weekend which allows them to earn their 'Young Leaders Award' - marking the end of their learning stage and certifying them as a fully qualified Young Leader, with enhanced responsibility to undertake the running of section meetings.

Such responsibility and training are vital for real life adulting as well as easing the transition into an adult leader should your young adult wish to remain within the scouting family.

Where are we?

1st Hayes Young Leaders are run from the 1st Hayes Scout Group Hut located at the rear of 213 Balmoral Drive, Hayes, UB4 0AA.

Young Leaders operate over all three sections of 1st Hayes Scout Group. Depending on which section you wish to be attached to, will determine which meetings you attend.

If you are interesting in becoming a Young Leader and undertaking advanced scouting activities and experiences as well as being trained in various leadership techniques and skills, please visit our recruitment page, and email us or come down to a section meeting.

Explorer Scouts

As well as being a Young Leader, Young Leaders can also be a part of the district of Hayes and Harlington and Uxbridge's Explorer Scouts network.

Please visit the district website for more information.