Scouts Section

What is Scouts?

Scouts is the Third but not last stage in a young persons scouting adventure. Starting from the age of 10 1/2yrs, Scouts allows young people to explore a variety of different activities, experiences and meet people in an environment outside of school or home life - where they may not necessarily have the opportunity to do so outside of Scouts.

How 1st Hayes Scouts operate.

1st Hayes Scouts welcomes any and all young people to attend our meetings and experience the fun for themselves. We operate a varied and fulfilled programme during our evenings ranging from fun and entertaining games that utilise various different skills - to scouting-related badgework that explore Scouts' various abilities to earn different badges at a more advance level than the other sections, and retain skills that they can use in other aspects of their lives. From survival camps, to knife-and-axe works, to hikes. Scouts enable young people to explore what they like and expand their boundaries of what they are capable of.

Where are we?

1st Hayes Scouts is run from the 1st Hayes Scout Group Hut located at the rear of 213 Balmoral Drive, Hayes, UB4 0AA.

The Scouts meeting run from 19:30 - 21:00 hrs.

If you are interested in your young person having a lot of fun, making more friends and learning along the way, please visit our recruitment page, and come down to one of our Scouts Meetings.